Wedding Gowns: Why You Might Want To Choose A Colored Dress


White wedding gowns are by far the most popular type women choose for their special day; however, many women today are choosing colored wedding dresses instead of going with the traditional white gowns that most brides choose. While it is easier to find thousands of white wedding gowns to choose from, you can now find wedding gowns in all kinds of colors. If buying a colored dress is something you're considering, here are some tips to better understand how to buy a colored dress for your wedding.

Reasons To Choose a Colored Dress

One of the most exciting parts of a wedding for the bride is choosing the perfect dress, and for some brides this means choosing one that is different and unique, and one that shows her personality. If this is the type of dress you are hoping to find, why limit your search to white dresses?

Choosing a dress that is colored could achieve everything you hoped to find in a dress, and it will definitely show your personality and style. Being open to colored dresses will also increase the selection of dresses you have to choose from.

You should also realize that when choosing a colored dress, you will still be able to find all the popular trends in wedding dresses today, including mermaid dresses, fluffy dresses, and off-the-shoulder dresses.

The Meanings of Colors

If you decide that you definitely want a colored dress, your next decision will be to choose a color. This step is one of the most important steps of your wedding planning, because it will determine what colors your wedding will be.

As you look at colored dresses, it's important to realize that each color has a meaning. Here are some of the popular colors in wedding dresses that you could choose from along with their meanings:

  • Pink – Pink is often a little girl's favorite color because it is pretty and feminine. If you choose a pink wedding dress, it will represent your youth, femininity, and innocence. Pink, like most other colors, comes in many shades that range from very light to very dark and bold.
  • Blue – If loyalty is one of your greatest virtues, blue might be a good color to choose for your gown. In addition to standing for loyalty, blue also represents purity, stability and tranquility.
  • Red – Red is one of the boldest colors you could choose for your gown, and it reflects a person that is passionate, exciting, and confident.
  • Black – While black seems like an unusual color to choose, there are women that pick this for their weddings because it represents wealth, power, and elegance.

There are many other colors as well that you could look at, but if you are choosing a colored dress, make sure you know exactly what that color represents. This is important so that your wedding colors will represent who you are and what this wedding means to you and your future husband.

Colors for Your Bridal Party

If you select a colored dress, it might be harder for you to choose colors for your bridal party because you will have to make sure the bridesmaid dresses match yours. If you are having a hard time finding dresses for your bridesmaids that match yours, you could always consider purchasing white ones.

White bridesmaid dresses will help your colored gown stand out even more, and white matches with every color.

Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life, and you can make this day whatever you would like it to be. If this means that you sway from the norm and choose a colored dress, then do it. To find a wedding gown for your wedding, start shopping at bridal stores like Moonlight Bridal and take your time as you look for the perfect dress.


19 May 2015

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