Tim Burton & Weddings: Emulating His Unique Style For Your Ceremony


Tim Burton is one of Hollywood's most creative personalities. With hits like "Beetlejuice," "Big Fish," "Frankenweenie," "Batman," and "Edward Scissorhands," he has created a lot of iconic characters and moments. His visionary style is not only great for cinemas, but it can attribute a lot to your wedding ceremony design. By looking through a collection of his movies, it's easy to implement a lot of style of iconic moments through the wedding services that you use.

Edward Scissorhands

The small suburb that Edward Scissorhands invades in the 1990 film is full of bright colors and pastels that would complement any wedding day. This throwback to simple times is great for use on bridesmaids dresses, floral arrangements, or other chapel decorations like seat covers.

The film also features wonderful plant designs that Edward crafts himself. This type of design element can be used to add a whimsical touch to your ceremony. Small bushes can be carved with hearts, people, or small animals just like the designs in the movie. The climax of the film also features carved ice sculptures. Winter weddings can easily add these sculptures as a part of the design.

Big Fish

The family film "Big Fish" uses a lot of fairy-tale elements to showcase flashbacks and stories that a father relates to his son. One of the biggest scenes during the flashbacks involves a traveling circus. The circus design elements can make a great theme for the wedding. A lot of this design can go directly into the clothes that you wear.

Top hats, stripes, and colorful patterns all represent the circus design featured from the film. Going over the top will help implement the theme too. This includes streamers, balloons, and bright, colorful flower arrangements.


A superhero-themed wedding is not uncommon, but adding a Tim Burton touch can make it even more unique. Tim Burton's version of Batman features a lot of dark moments, but has some great themes that can apply to your wedding day. One of the biggest highlights is the soundtrack sung by Prince. Implementing these songs and some other funk is a great way to walk down the aisle and spark some fun into the wedding.

The black and yellow color tones of Batman make an ideal color scheme for grooms and groomsmen. Adding small touches like Batman socks will create nice wedding details. A big scene in "Batman" features a parade full of floats. Large inflatable decorations can emulate this scene for your wedding ceremony.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

One of Tim Burton's most lively and colorful films is Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. A number of design elements can be used from the film to create a wonderful wedding ceremony.

  • Candy Decorations: Large fake lollipops, chocolate bars, and colorful balloons made to look like candy can make you feel like you're walking through the Wonka factory tour.
  • Guest Favors: Supply some sweet treats to guests as they arrive for the ceremony. Lollipop bouquets, custom chocolate favors, or even real Wonka bars all make nice gifts.
  • Wedding Outfit Accessories: Accent wedding gowns and tuxedos with a variety of candy touches. For example, instead of a flower pinned to a tuxedo, a groom can pin on a few lollipops.

Corpse Bride

Tim Burton's animated film "Corpse Bride" revolves all around weddings. The film is set in the Victorian era, a stylish period that can make a memorable wedding design. Outfit designs include long-sleeve wedding gowns, flowing gown tails, women's hats, waist vests, and top hats for guys.

All of these design elements can be seen in the movie, which also contains classical music, jazz music, and a lot of focus on piano playing. Piano music is ideal for a chapel, and you even have the option of using the "Corpse Bride" soundtrack for the film.

If you're a huge Tim Burton fan, then it's easy to mix multiple movies into one wedding celebration.


9 June 2015

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