Having A Destination Wedding? 5 Easy Tips To Make It The Best Day Ever!


A destination wedding is a great way to make your big day even more personalized and lots more fun for everyone. But, it comes with some unique challenges that local weddings may not. You can meet those challenges, though, and come out a winner by following these 5 planning tips.

Use a Planner. First and foremost, destination weddings can cause some stress to brides (or grooms) who want to do everything themselves. Having to rely on things you can't see or touch and vendors you can't directly meet with could make a destination wedding a nightmare. The solution? Hire a wedding planner to be your eyes and ears in the destination's venue. Your resort or cruise may have one on staff, or you may want to vet your own planners by interviewing them over the phone and through video messaging. Be clear and open about your needs, wants, and budget.

Buy Local. Transporting too many items and too many outside services can make the event much more complex than it needs to be... and much more expensive. This is especially true if your destination is out of the country. So, work with your planner to identify as many things as possible that he or she can purchase or arrange for locally rather than shipping them, carrying them on the plane, or using your own vendors.

Carry VIP Items. There are a few exceptions to the 'buy local' advice, and these are the items that are the most important to you. The wedding dress, jewelry, and bouquet are often things that brides don't want to entrust to anyone else or risk losing. Buy such things local in your own area, then carry them on the plane with you or your wedding party -- in carry-on luggage if possible -- or transport them in your own vehicle. If there is anything else of sentimental or monetary value -- like the wedding ring or Grandma's pearls -- try to spread them out in your wedding party's carry-on bags.

Arrive Early. It's a good idea to arrive at your destination several days or a week in advance. Not only does this give you time to relax before your guests begin arriving, but it also allows you time to meet with your wedding planner and local vendors. Check out the ceremony and reception sites at least two days before the wedding to ensure that you have time to make adjustments if anything needs tweaked.

Let It Go. Finally, be prepared to let some things go and not micro-manage the affair. Be clear with your wedding planner what is most important to you, and them let go of the things that aren't high in your priority list. With a distant wedding location, you simply can't be in control of everything, and trying to do so will only add to your stress. Do yourself a favor and focus only on three or so items that are the most important to you and your partner. Then just enjoy your big day.

No matter whether your destination ceremony is near or far away, you can have a great day with those you love if you follow these few simple guidelines.


22 March 2017

coordinating with a wedding planner

When I first got engaged, I looked forward to planning the wedding, but as time went by, my enthusiasm for planning every detail of the big day dwindled. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to handle the entire planning process on my own. I talked with a wedding planner and selected some elements that I would take care of on my own and hired her to do the rest of the work for me. Knowing how much goes into a wedding really overwhelmed me. Visit my blog to find a few tips that can help you coordinate with a planner to make your wedding as perfect as mine was.