Want To Find A Great Wedding Venue? Incorporate These Considerations Into Your Search


Choosing the place to hold a wedding is not easy for most people, so approach it with patience and in a methodical manner. Keep in mind what you would love to see for your wedding, of course, but also take into account a few considerations that will help keep your wedding running smoothly.

Inclement Weather Plans

If you want to hold your wedding outside, what will you do if the weather isn't good? If it's too hot, if there's a risk of massive dust storms, or if it starts to rain, will there be an alternative location indoors? Or will you be able to set up a sturdy sheltered floor and event tent that can hold up to the weather?

Occupancy Limits

Always find a venue that has an occupancy limit that exceeds your guest list by a healthy amount. Take caterer and furniture rental workers into account, too. The last thing you need is someone showing up with an unexpected guest to make the head count go over the occupancy limit, forcing a shutdown of the venue. Ensure you know the exact number of people expected to be in the venue.

Venue Size and Flipping

Many weddings have the ceremony in one place and the reception in another, but some try to hold it in the same place. There's a procedure in wedding preparation called flipping, and this is when the ceremonial space is quickly changed over by caterers and other workers for the reception. Whether or not this is possible depends on a couple of things. One, will the venue allow it (a church isn't going to let its pews be removed, for example, so that you could hold the reception in the main worship hall), and two, is there somewhere the guests can go between the ceremony and reception? If not, then the workers can't change over the furniture to tables and catering stations very easily.

Safety and Accessibility

Most of the time, accessibility means accessible for people with disabilities, and you should always ensure your venue is accessible in that sense. Even if no one you know has a permanent disability, one of your guests might be healing from an injury at the time of your wedding, for example. But you should also ensure the venue is accessible to emergency personnel and that it allows people to leave quickly and safely in the event of an emergency. No one wants to think about things going wrong at a wedding, but wherever you choose, ensure that it isn't difficult to enter or exit.

Weddings seem to make people stressed no matter what, but you can keep the stress at a minimum by hiring people to help you find the right resources. A wedding venue service is a good place to call when you want to find that perfect location. For more information, contact a company like Town Manor on the Lake.


26 June 2017

coordinating with a wedding planner

When I first got engaged, I looked forward to planning the wedding, but as time went by, my enthusiasm for planning every detail of the big day dwindled. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to handle the entire planning process on my own. I talked with a wedding planner and selected some elements that I would take care of on my own and hired her to do the rest of the work for me. Knowing how much goes into a wedding really overwhelmed me. Visit my blog to find a few tips that can help you coordinate with a planner to make your wedding as perfect as mine was.