How To Host A Happy Hour-Themed Wedding Reception In A Banquet Hall


If you want to make an adults-only wedding reception fun and memorable for all who attend, give it a happy hour theme. Provide plenty of cocktails, delicious appetizers and finger food for snacking, and party-goers will feel like they're enjoying a night on the town.

A happy hour theme is ideal for a wedding reception with a mature crowd, and if you have a large guest list, consider hosting the celebration in a roomy banquet hall. You can easily transform the hall and give it a celebratory atmosphere.

To give the event an authentic feel, consider more than just the cocktails, Enhance the banquet hall celebration space with sophisticated bar-inspired decor, and set the mood with the right lighting and music.

Here are some tips for hosting a happy hour-themed wedding reception:

Set the Scene

Make your friends and family feel relaxed as soon as they enter the party space by creating comfortable seating options. Happy hours are times for friends and loved ones to talk and connect, so set up chairs and tables in ways that make it easy for guests to interact. 

When setting up happy hour-inspired seating arrangements, strive to make a large hall feel intimate and cozy.  Place two love seats facing each other, and set a table in the middle for holding drinks and plates.Guests can also sit on stools next to long, tall tables, or at conveniently arranged card tables.

Provide Ambience

Consider playing light music throughout your happy hour-themed reception, which will liven up the crowd. Choose easy-listening selections and keep the volume down to encourage conversation. You can even hire a jazz quartet or a guitarist if you prefer live music. 

Another way to provide ambiance is with lighting elements. As one idea, wrap mini white string lights around beams and posts, or light candles throughout the event space. Decorate tables with elegant centerpieces, such as repurposed wine bottle vases filled with seasonal flowers. 

Food and Cocktail Selections

Create a small menu of appetizers or small bites, which guests can easily eat while mixing and mingling. Some ideas include chips and guacamole or salsa, mini sandwiches filled with gourmet meats and cheeses, and even a build-your-own taco bar. 

When it comes to drinks, provide an open bar, even if you can only afford beer and inexpensive bottles of wine. You can also serve up one or two signature cocktails in personalized barware if your budget allows.

Don't forget to include a few tasty non-alcoholic selections for the non-drinkers in the group. 


26 November 2017

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