Cute Freebies To Give To Your Guests At Your Beach Wedding


A wedding on the beach is a romantic and lower cost affair. Renting space on a beach often entails getting permission and having the space set up. It may even be possible to rent out a large beach house and get the beach space for the ceremony for free. Most couples who have a beach wedding enjoy a laid-back, romantic vibe. If you are planning a beach wedding and you have a budget with a bit of wiggle room, you may be able to throw in some extras for all of your guests. Here are a few cute freebies to give wedding guests at your on the water wedding. 

A pair of slides

The hardest part of selecting an outfit for a beach wedding is figuring out what shoes to wear. Though some couples will want to go barefoot, there are people who may need to wear shoes, such as those with diabetes who those who have sensitives toes. Giving every guest a pair of slides is a better option. During the RSVP phase, ask everyone to submit their shoe size and have a pair of slides made for everyone who will be attending your wedding. Have the slides delivered to each person the day before the wedding or have them waiting in a box with their name before they enter the beach for the ceremony. This will keep everyone's feet protected and provide a usable parting gift. 

A small towel

If there is a breeze on the beach, it is easy to get sand blown onto your clothing or into your hair. if you want your guests to be able to clean up or to have something to sit on if they want to hang out on the beach, provide towels at your wedding. Have towels printed with your names or initials and the wedding date on them and have them available in a basket for guests to take with them. This also means that no guests have to lug towels from their hotel room or homes to the beach. 

Beach globe

Like a snow globe, you can have a beach globe created for your fairytale wedding. Instead of snow, you can have small grains of sand set inside of the globe. Have a wedding couple in the middle along with a nice message for your guests. A beach globe is a unique wedding gift that can be displayed on coffee tables as a sentimental present for a long time. 

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12 February 2018

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