A Venue Is Just A Venue, Right? Correcting This Old Wedding Assumption


When you are shopping for wedding venues, the general assumption is that you are just shopping for a place to hold the wedding, or that you are just shopping a reception hall. This is an incorrect assumption, as what you should actually be doing is shopping wedding venue services. A venue is never just a venue when it includes other services that may be very helpful to you as a bride. Here are some of the services you should expect to see.

Chairs and Tables

Chairs are a must at any venue where you will be married, for sure. They are needed at most receptions as well unless you are expecting your guests to stand while they eat. Some venues include chairs in the cost of renting the venue. Others will charge a rental fee, so it helps to have a head count for your guests.

Tables are really only needed for a reception venue unless your wedding and reception are to be held in the exact same location. Like the chairs, they may be included with the venue price, or they may be provided by the venue for a rental price. You will have to work the math in figuring how many tables will seat how many guests so that you are not charged for guests that will not come.

Setting up a Present and/or Cake Table

Usually, a cake table is at the reception, but the gift table may be either at the wedding venue or reception venue. Some people will come to the wedding, but they do not intend to come to the reception. This gives these guests the option of leaving the gift at the church or wedding location without having to feel like they have to show up at the reception just to drop off the gift. Your venue owners will provide the tables needed for your cake and gifts. Sometimes they will also assist with positioning and set up these tables so that they are clearly seen when guests enter the room.

Catering vs. Dining

Quite possibly the most important service of all is the food. Wedding receptions offer brides the choice of having a caterer bring food into the venue, or the venue cooks and serves the meal. If the wedding and the reception are at the same location (e.g., a winery with an outdoor wedding), then you will have multiple options as to what and how to eat and serve your wedding meal.

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25 July 2018

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