What To Look For In A Wedding Dress


Whether you're getting married in the very near future or your wedding is a ways out, you want to get the most important part of your big day purchased: the wedding dress. Not only does a large part of your budget go to this single gown, but your whole personality and other factors go into the selection of the perfect wedding dress. You want to make the right selection the first time, so use this guide to help you buy the perfect wedding dress.

Here are things you should look for in your gown. This way, you can narrow down your options with ease and feel less daunted about the selections you have to choose from when you visit the wedding dress boutique.


Not all wedding gowns are white, which you'll soon find out. Contemporary styles often come in a blush or even cream tone. Ivory and off-white are classic choices as well. Before buying any dress, try on multiple styles in a variety of colors so you know what tone looks best on your body and matches your personal style.


When buying a wedding dress, fit matters. Do you want your dress to hug your curves or sway away from your body? What silhouette do you want? Fit can be adjusted with a corset or bustle to make your gown unique to your body shape.

Another thing to consider with fit is comfort. Some dresses, particularly beaded or layered varieties, can feel heavier when worn, so keep this in mind if you plan on dancing the night away on your big day.


From gauzy lace to satin to beaded materials to classic chiffon, your wedding dress can be made out of a variety of beautiful and lustrous materials. Do you know what materials you like, or are you on the fence about what will look and feel best on you?

Consider the time of year you are getting married and what your venue looks like; for example, you don't want heavy lace at an outdoor summer wedding, and you likely don't want a sheer bodice if you are getting married in a church. Your wedding dress boutique representative is skilled in helping you choose what you want in a dress based on your budget, personal preferences, and other factors to help you get the right gown.

Remember: alterations take time, so shop early. This way, you can have your dress custom-fitted to your body with plenty of time to spare. Contact a wedding dress boutique like The Steel Magnolia for more information.


19 April 2019

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