5 Ways Your Wedding Venue Can Save Money On Other Elements


Many couples want a wonderful, romantic wedding, but they're also looking for ways to keep their budget in check. Do you face the push and pull between your dreams and budgeting reality? If so, your venue can help far beyond just choosing a less expensive option. Here are a few such ways. 

1. Built-In Decor. If you choose a venue with its own natural or architectural beauty, you don't have to cover it up with your decor. A large set of windows, for example, looking out over nature serves as an excellent backdrop for a nature-themed wedding or reception. To save money and time, look for venues that fit the ambiance you want and design the wedding around these. 

2. Double Duty. Multiple venues can eat up your budget quickly. So find a venue that can serve as the wedding location and reception spot. This allows you to reuse all the decor from the ceremony and only rent one set of many items, including chairs and tables. You'll usually pay much less for extra hours than you would for a second venue for the same number of hours. 

3. Included Extras. What does the venue offer beyond just the four walls? What resources are included? Can you negotiate for things like tables and chairs, linens, sound equipment, a dance floor, catering, or even staff oversight? What about both an indoor and outdoor location included in the same package? Bundling more into the venue deal means less you have to pay for separately. 

4. Limited Size. This tip can isn't for everyone, but it's a great way to save money: choose a small venue. A small venue can only hold a certain number of guests. And fewer guests means lower costs on everything from meals to centerpieces to the rental equipment. 

5. Venue Rules. Each venue has its own set of rules that clients must abide by. While these rules can seem to limit your wedding, they can also force you to cut out some unnecessary costs. If the venue doesn't allow alcohol, for instance, you can skip the cost of a bar and not be the bad buy to friends and family. If you're only able to rent the venue on a weekday, you'll save on just about everything and keep the guest list smaller. 

Want more tips for choosing a venue that saves money throughout the wedding planning process? Start by touring venues in your area today to learn more about what they provide, their inherent ambiance, and how they can help you avoid letting your wedding costs balloon. 

To learn more information about choosing the right wedding venue, reach out to a professional near you.


8 February 2022

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