3 Factors You Should Consider When Selecting A Central Valley Wedding Venue


While choosing where you want to get married and enjoy your reception is not nearly as important as choosing who you want to marry, the fact is that your choice of a Central Valley wedding location can have a huge impact on your big day. Consequently, you will want to ensure that you are choosing the absolute best venue for your specific needs. Taking the time to consider the following three factors when checking out potential venues can help you to accomplish this important goal.

#1: Accessibility

Ultimately, your wedding day should be about you and your new spouse. However, the ability to share in this celebration with your chosen guests is undeniably important as well. That is why you want to ensure that you are choosing a Central Valley wedding venue that will be accessible to your guests. This means choosing a venue that is not too far off the beaten path, offers access to public transportation if needed, and offers easy access for any elderly or disabled guests that may struggle with mobility. 

#2: Capacity

The last thing you want is for your guests to be stumbling over each other while celebrating your new marriage. Consequently, you will want to seriously take into consideration the capacity offered by each venue you view. Ideally, you will want to choose a venue that can accommodate a group that is significantly larger than your guest list. This will ensure that there is ample space for gifts, food, dancing, and seating while still allowing guests to move about freely to socialize. You will also want to steer clear of venues that are too large since having too much space may also make it difficult to bring your guests together for important moments such as cutting the cake or tossing the bouquet. 

#3: Flexibility

Even with months of planning, there is simply no way to prepare for every possible thing that could go wrong on your wedding day. For example, there is no way to predict what the weather will be on that day. That is why it is important to choose a Central Valley wedding location that offers you flexibility so that you can easily adapt to whatever the day may bring. For instance, if you are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, you will want to ensure that the venue you choose can either host this celebration indoors or provide you with ample outdoor shelter if the weather should take a turn for the worst when your wedding day arrives. 


19 December 2022

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